Redirect 20% of the profit tax

When was the last time you played ball in the back of the block?

Some years have passed probably. When we were little, we couldn’t wait to see our friends and play football or basketball.
Somehow, these activities seem old-fashioned today. That’s why, when a child is asking to do sports, we have to encourage and help him.

How can you help us

If you own or manage a business, YOU CAN REDIRECT 20% of the profit tax (money that you won’t see anyway), a maximum of 0.5% from the fiscal value.

This way, you are helping us transform children’s dreams into reality, and we thank you for your contribution through promotional materials and equipment with your company’s logos, plus many more benefits.

Redirect your profit tax

One small step for you, one giant leap for us in reaching our goals. The 20% redirection of the profit tax is not causing any extra spending for your business.
You can help us even if your commercial society does not report profit yet. The state takes 16% of any income. You can still redirect 20% of it to a nonprofit organization.

See how much can you redirect