Parents’ testimonials


For Marian, basketball is everything! He wishes a lot to participate in the training, loves games, and the competition helps him a lot for school. He works, he does his homework in a more concentrated manner, more organized and much faster after the trainings. He thinks positively, is excited, happy when he plays basketball. We, as parents, say that basketball is a sport that helps you think and we encourage him to practice.


Eric has been playing basketball for more than 2 years, in which we noticed positive aspects that concerns him:

– his health condition improved;
– he has more self-trust;
– he learned how to be competitive;
– he accepts his victories in a modest manner and understands that losses are part of the learning process too;
– he is more tolerant and he socializes more easily.

The list can go on… Thank you for your implication!


After each practice, Mariuca is truly happy. At the competitions, more rarely, depending on the points scored and the final result. She wouldn’t want to change the coach and I don’t even know how 4 years of basketball already passed.


Silviu has only been done his first 3 practices but, as I have seen and also how he says, it’s something else other than anything he had done before. I can’t say much, other than the fact that what happens at this club – the training structure, the demonstration and explanation method, the friendly atmosphere between the boys and the way how they help and appreciate each other – I think it will make Silviu settle a little bit.

It is true that, even if he practiced basketball for 3 years, his level is lower than his colleagues. I see very spectacular training and very explicit and I think and I wish that Silviu will blend in quite fast, to catch up and to be a reliable person for the team in a short time


Dragos went from “I will go this month to basketball just to see how it is” to have this sport in the first place in his preferences ranking and this thanks to you, coaches! Besides the movement, it is definitely a form of education because he learned what it means to be a part of a team (meanwhile they became friends too), to work with his team and that without work it is harder to succeed. You  succeeded  in doing  these things in a very beautiful way. For Dragos, each training is the best!


Nicu has grown a lot thanks to the team trips, he became responsible, including with being late to practices, now he is more prompt.

STOMART and especially his team are at the same time colleagues and friends. Nicu knows how to be alongside a colleague when he needs it, to laugh with the coach, to suffer alongside the team.

Basketball at STOMART, with everything it has (coaches, colleagues), is more than an occupation for Nicu. It’s his childhood!


Hello. Basketball influenced and it still influences Rares in a good manner. Sometimes, I am worried about the fact that he only sees the world through basketball.

His landmarks are in sport, and in turn he influences others in the favor of sport. As parents, we are pleased that he is safe from the temptations of teenagers that do not practice sport, that he has a good entourage, that our child is growing harmoniously, having physical activity every day.

Good luck!


From an introverted child who didn’t want to practice any sport and didn’t want to get out of the house, he became a sociable, friendly child, who can barely wait to go to practice. He felt accepted right from the beginning, stimulated, understood, and he managed to overcome his comfort zone. He improved his work with objects skills, he is more capable and has more self-trust. He doesn’t agree with body to body fighting and he appreciated a lot that here nobody forced him to be more aggressive and also nobody humiliated him because he wasn’t very competitive. He loves Radu but he told me that he also loves the new coach.
Beforehand, he practiced swimming for 5 years, Capoeira for 2 and Taekwondo for 2. He didn’t go to any of those with such pleasure as he goes to basketball.


We entered in a family, we call it STOMART Family.

Vlad has been practicing basketball for 6 years, first of all for health, movement and socializing but also for performance.

STOMART means seriousness, work, professionalism and education but also means playing, friendship and respect. All of these gathered, made Vlad love basketball and this club. Go, go, go STOMART!


Basketball wins the battle with the phone, tablet and Playstation. He became more open-minded and more communicative.


Dimitrie learned to have self-trust, to grow, to enter in competitions with confidence no matter the result, he learned how to respect his opponent and his partners, to step in a beautiful manner on the path to becoming a balanced, wise and competitive young man! Thank you for everything!


Luca and Leon are very passionate about basketball. When Luca had some moments when he wanted to quit, patiently and carefully, the coaches showed him how to rediscover the joy of the game.

Therefore, after 3 basketball trips this summer, besides the basketball game, Luca has gotten a sports conduct, discipline, predictive thinking, teamwork and many more essential aspects that are forming him as a human.

Leon, specifically to his age, identifies all the advantages of his presence at the training and tries to become better. The coaches and the club’s principles are of a superior rank, indispensable in forming good sportsman and quality people in the actual society prone to consumerism.


For Stefan, in my opinion, basketball at Stomart means:
– self-trust and self- improvement;
– the capacity to control some fears (for example, fear of failure and tolerance for failure);
– team spirit and the improvement of creating relationships with others;
– good physical form and harmonious developing; – maybe, who knows, an opportunity for a scholarship abroad.
For all of these,  thank you!


I will tell you how STOMART influenced my child for the past 4 years since he became a member of this club. Alex is a child that went through a lot of sports, team or individual (chess, tennis, karate, fencing, football), but here, at this club, he had the chance of meeting a MAN and a TEAM that changed his entire life course.

Here, under the supervision of this club, he developed in a harmonious manner, he improved his self-esteem and got self-trust. Here, he learned the value of discipline and he learned how to enjoy success with his team but also to share the moments that are more difficult.

Here, he had the chance of becoming a better person, here he made friends that will remain for the rest of his life.


I will tell you again how STOMART influenced the life of my child in the past 8 years – yes, 8 years of Stomart…incredible!

First of all, I don’t think that we can imagine Stefan’s life without STOMART. He grew up here, he developed here, he learned here more than a regular coach could have ever taught him: to be serious, hard-working, conscientious, prompt, orderly, to respect his opponents and to be a true sportsman.

He learned from his coach that everyone can receive a chance if they really wish to and if he works hard- even though he is not tall, muscular or fast.

STOMART is Stefan’s family, is the place where he spends most of his time, the place where he feels like home.


Good evening! Mihnea has been practicing for 2 years: he is more organized since he started practicing basketball; he has more self-trust; he socializes much more easily and he accepts changes easier.


I could write a novel related to the fact that my son, Sebastian Vornicu, practices basketball, but I will be short in describing the behaviour achieved thanks to the contact with this sport. I will highlight some aspects of the impact of basketball on my son.

Number 1: socializing with the team partners and not only;
2: acceptance of some strict rules without feeling constrained, knowing that these are for his and for his team’s own good (including here the entire staff, also the supporters: parents, coaches, physiotherapists etc);
3: the physical aspect that I don’t think he would have ever got by standing in front of the computer or by the block eating seeds;
4: the respect for the ones around him;
5: the responsibility for what he has to do;
6: stimulation concerning the education (here we kind of intervened: no studying, no basketball, it can’t work with only one)
7: the last but not least point, that concerns us, as parents – not only that we are pleased, we are very pleased to be a part of the STOMART ACADEMY Family, which have gotten only good things from our son.

There would be a lot of good and beautiful things to say but, as I said, we should start writing a novel. Go, STOMART!


For Alex, basketball is a revelation, it is his favorite sport. It is, I can say, a wonder in his life. If it would be possible to be on the court all the time, he doesn’t need anything else.

He respects all of his colleagues and considers that he has something to learn from each of them. I can say that all that is concerning basketball it is present in his life (players, drawings, outfits, teams). I consider that the greatest influence on his life belongs to basketball.

Every other sport is beautiful and useful, imposes respect, discipline, schedule, which helps Alex a lot. I think that he has more self-trust, he socializes better with his teammates and he is up to date with every news from the basketball world. I hope that he will play further at your club, depending on the school schedule.


Darie enjoys very much coming to practices, games and trips that you organize. He likes very much the game (I see him being very concentrated at every lesson and he seems to know every detail that you transmit) and he barely waits to meet with his teammates with which he created friendships.

He helps the ones that he considers that are in need. All of these contribute very well to his development as a teammate, he learns how to socialize, to be a friend, to respect a schedule and it improves a lot his physical health.

I don’t know what to say it anymore, but STOMART is a very good “thing” in our life. Thank you!

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