We’re always better together

STOMART Basketball Club is a lesson about togetherness. Since our first step on the basketball court, we wanted to create a community of people that are passionate about this sport. After that, we felt the desire to further teach other children to enjoy the beauty of basketball.
Now, almost 9 years later, we want to go to the next level – getting recognition at an international level. We want to place Iasi on the European basketball map. For this to happen, we need you. By supporting us, you are helping us train more children and offer them the optimal conditions for growing.

What do we want to do

Create a united community around this sport that will reunite children, parents, supporters, and companies that will become a symbol for Iasi.

Everything we do at STOMART gravitates around the idea of together. Our biggest wish is to unite children, parents, partners, and supporters into a real family that will support each other anytime. Together, we transform every game into a real show.

Get Iasi on the European basketball map, alongside cities like Barcelona, Athens, Belgrade or Milano.

We believe Iasi deserve recognition at both national and international levels. Through the events we organize and the activity we have, we want to shape our city into an important landmark in the basketball field.

Be a part of the STOMART community!

Your support helps us create opportunities for the children and the society.