Children’s testimonials

Ana D.

Hello, I started playing basketball for my own pleasure, around 3 years ago, at Stomart. As time passed I started to be more and more dedicated and this resulted in me starting practicing performance basketball around 5 months ago. It became more than a pleasure, it becomes a way of life, it became my opportunity to have a lifestyle like many would have wanted, it became a responsibility.
Basketball for me is more than a daily (or almost daily) activity for movement, with the help of basketball I learned what real work means, what dedication means, what it means to truly love something and to wish so badly to evolve that you do it every day, in each moment you work, without even noticing. Our coach used to say that you either evolve or regress, because while you stay still, others continue their work and evolve inevitably, so everything is according to each person in particular. In the end, I can only say that basketball is a prestige and to spend so much time dedicated to a single thing it only makes me more ambitious, dedicated happy and fulfilled. And I can only thank Stomart, the team, the girls in the team, the coaches because they offered us an opportunity like this and I am proud that I accepted it!

Thea C.

There are countless reasons for which I practice this sport that I cannot choose only one. My life has radically changed since I started practicing because I went from a monotonous and boring way of life to one that is fun and interactive. I made friends, I learned how to behave with the ones around me, I understood that every human has a quality, and when we are united we can accomplish a great team. In my opinion, the most important thing is accepting the winning and the losing, because many times I was put in the situation when someone else was better, one day, than myself and that made me work harder.

Katerina D.

I play basketball for the feeling that I have when I am playing, for the wonderful experiences with the team, that we make while we play together, like a second family. I play basketball because I feel comfortable on the court, each and every time.