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CLUB's story

Of all my childhood dreams, basketball has always been the red line that crosses the stage of maturity and gives meaning to my life. I think basketball trains not only the body but also the mind. Basketball offers players a certain stance, unwavering discipline and the willingness to change the world.

STOMART Basketball Club is the embodiment of our desire to be involved in the society and to actively participate in the process of education of the newer generations.

The eight years of experience and the hundreds of children that we trained give us the trust that we are on the right path and the courage to set a new objective. Now, we wish to place Iasi on the European basketball map and to create a strong community around this sport.

I am sure that we will succeed and I would love to enjoy the process together.

What will you find at STOMART

STOMART is more than a basketball club. We organize special programs to help children develop a harmonious personality, competitions to stimulate their desire for better playing and also activities that contribute to the unity of a team.


Our club philosophy is based on three main pillars: performance, community and show. STOMART Academy is our promise to be better from one training to another and after each game.


Players, coaches and supporters – we all are today a really big family. We enjoy victories together, we motivate and support each other and we rediscover together the beauty of the basketball games.


Official players’ equipment or promotional materials for fans – you find them all in the STOMART Shop. Show your support for our teams and help us become better and better.


Besides our classic basketball trainings, we organize special camps for our eagles. STOMART Basketball Club helps them be better on the court, while Eagles Camp helps them evolve at a personal level and not only.


We “feed” our competitive spirit through all the championships in which we participate and we organize. We achieved, over time, prizes at a local level and also in international championships and we are always open to new challenges.


Because we wish to create a community united by the passion for basketball, we propose to organize social events that gather together children, parents, coaches and also everyone for which basketball is more than a sport.

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Why should your child play basketball?


Physical activity

Physical activity is the most obvious benefit of doing sport. It happens so often that children spend too much time in front of the computer, the phone, the tablet, or playing various video games. Practicing basketball offers them the opportunity to do physical exercises which help them maintain the health condition and obtain an optimum physical form.

Mental power

Sports make children understand that they are part of something bigger than themselves and helps them feel appreciated and useful. Physical activity stimulates growth and improves emotional health. Also, this can stimulate self-trust and self- awareness.

Social skill

Basketball helps children develop social skills from which they will benefit their entire life. They learn how to interact with other children but also with adults.<br /> Children learn communication and leadership abilities that will help them at school, and also in their future career and personal relations.


School success

Children who play basketball excel in the scholar environment also. They can apply the same dedication and hard work principles learned from the basketball courses in the educational activity. According to some international studies, practicing a team sport raises the chances of a child to have good and very good educational results.


Bill Rusell, one of the greatest basketball players ever, used to say that “basketball is a game of habits”. This imposes a series of clear rules, the capacity of organizing, and also the respect for your team and the opponent. Applied in the day to day life, all these principles help the children be more disciplined.


Basketball has a hugely positive impact on respect and self-trust. Children that practice sports are getting praise and encouragement from coaches, colleagues and parents, which helps consolidate self-trust. They will begin to trust in their own strengths and abilities.



One of the most beautiful consequences of practicing a team sport is represented by all the friendships players create. Over the many years of experience that we gathered, we noticed how each team becomes, in time, a second family for the child. They discover common points and enjoy healthy social relationships.

Positive attitude

Like in basketball, life is composed of successes and failures, of won games and lost ones. At STOMART, we learn to greet all of them with a smile on our faces and to extract valuable lessons from each game. Moreover, children develop their capacity to be empathetic with the ones around them.


Basketball cultivates teamwork and teaches children how to support each other. They discover how to synchronize their own behavior with their colleagues and they gain problem-solving and leadership skills.

What parents say

Find out from the other’s experience how can your child develop with us.

For Marian, basketball is everything! He wishes a lot to participate in the training, loves games and the competition helps him a lot for school. He works, he does his homework in a more concentrated manner… [read more]

Ioana S.

I will tell you again how STOMART influenced the life of my child in the past 8 years – yes, 8 years of Stomart…incredible! First of all, I don’t think that we can imagine Stefan’s life without Stomart. He grew up here, he developed… [read more]

Anca P.

From an introverted child who didn’t want to practice any sport and didn’t want to get out of the house, he became a sociable child, friendly, which can barely wait to go to practice. He felt accepted right from the beginning… [read more]

Simona Z.

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